Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Passion or Paycheque?

In the world of work, we see two basic types: employer/business owner and employee/worker.

Assuming we’re the lucky owners of a growing/successful/both business, it’s because we have a passion for whatever it is we do and have managed to convert that into a working business model – and at a profit.    

I’ve also noticed that this passion isn’t necessarily shared by one’s workforce and herein lies the fundamental difference.  Many employees often see a job as a means of earning a living.  Hopefully, they work in that business because at the very least it interests them.  However, in some cases, they have no choice through no fault of their own.

I’ve seen entrepreneurs complaining that their workforce just aren’t “interested” in or “committed” to the job.  The paragraph above is the reason why.  It’s easy to forget that what motivates us doesn’t always motivate others.  If we’re lucky, a few come to share our passion, but the majority may simply not have the same degree of attachment as we do.  

Is there a solution? Part of it lies in recruitment and in efforts to find people who “fit”.  In a limited labour market, though, we may have no choice and it will be up to “Quality Control” to ensure that any key criteria are met and enforced.

At best, we’ll have to accept that there will always be a part of our workforce who simply don’t “feel the love” but who nonetheless perform a vital role.  It’s the others that make the real difference to our success. 

I have spent more than half my life delivering change in different world markets from the most developed to “emerging” economies. With more than 20 years in international financial services around the world running different operations and lending businesses, I started my own Consultancy to provide solutions for improving performance, productivity and risk management.  I work with individuals, small businesses, charities, quoted companies and academic institutions across the world. An international speaker, trainer, author and fund-raiser, I can be contacted by email. My websiteprovides a full picture of my portfolio of services.  For strategic questions that you should be asking yourself, follow me at @wkm610.

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