Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Consumer Demand is Key

I’ve just updated my iPhone iOS to the latest version.  One of the developer’s claims is that it makes the built-in “Reminders” (To Do List) function more user-friendly.  Frankly, I don’t see it.

I’ve been using a third-party app to manage my To Do lists Body ever since I switched from a PC to a Mac.  Microsoft’s Outlook was, in my opinion, one of the best To Do list managers I’d ever encountered, and I miss it!  Microsoft do include it in their Office for Mac Suite, but synchronisation is almost non-existent.  The problem with using third-party To Do list apps on an Apple device is that they rely on synchronising through Apple’s Reminders app.  The reason I use third-party To Do list apps is that they allow me much more flexibility, in particular to:
  • Allocate start AND end dates to tasks;
  • Sort To Do lists by start date, due date, priority, etc;
  •  Build To Do lists either by “category” (e.g. “Business”, “Personal”) or by when they’re scheduled (e.g. Today, next 7 days, etc);
  • Set tasks as “repeating” or “recurring” (i.e. to repeat at regular intervals);
  • Build “Smart Lists” based on what I need (e.g. Today, next 7 days, etc).
Apple’s Reminders are simply a list of tasks that need to be done with the ability to:
  • Prioritise;
  • Set an alarm to say when they’re due;
  • Aggregate lists into groups (useful for project management?);
  • Sort by category (e.g. “Business”, “Personal”) 
  • Synchronise across my desktop, tablet and smartphone;
  • Functionality for sorting start date, due date, priority, etc is limited.
Depending on the user, this may be all that is required.  I would love it if Apple could develop a To Do list that worked for me (and, I’m sure countless others like me).  Many of us don’t manage our lives on a “just-in-time” basis, and with some tasks one needs to be able to set a time period lasting a number of days (particularly for lower-priority tasks that should be done, for example “sometime next week”.

There are a lot of Task Managers or To Do Apps out there, but what is key is user experience.  For me, a “good” Task Manager app will allow me to:
  • Create custom lists by group;
  • Create “Smart Lists” based on my own criteria; 
  • Set start and end dates;
  • Prioritise;
  • Set recurring tasks;
  • Set alarms for particular tasks;
  • Add notes to a task to remind me why it’s being done, or what I need to remember while doing it;
  • Synchronise across my desktop, tablet and smartphone.
We always need to be thinking about our product or service: 
  • Is it doing what users want?
  • Could we do it better?
  • Is it available at the right time, place and price?
  • Can we fix it if it goes wrong?
  • What will they want in the future? 
If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, how do we fix it?

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