Saturday, 29 April 2017

Making It Personal

I was having dinner at a restaurant in Kota Kinabalu recently.  The table had a slight wobble to it.  For some people, this can be annoying, bit for me it wasn’t so noticeable that it was ruining my dining experience.  When the waiter came to clear the dishes, he noticed that the table was wobbling and, without any prompting from me, fixed the wobble and apologised!

This is the kind of situation where noticing the little things counts.  For the waiter, it was clearly a matter of personal pride that one of “his” tables wasn’t working properly.  He could have ignored it, or decided that if I didn't complain, he wouldn’t do anything.  I’m sure that most of us have encountered the latter attitude…

I wrote before that it’s the little things that count.  That was a “negative experience” story and I was delighted to find a “positive” one to talk about this time.  I also told the restaurant manager about the employee’s actions as I think that positive feedback is as much use as (the more usual) negative.  We all want to encourage more good behaviour, so let’s make sure it’s recognised when we spot it! 

People always remember you when you praise them, so you may be surprised at the different level of service you receive in future if you take the time to find the “good”.

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